Students and staff at Winterthur continually revisit the collection to ask new questions and explore the histories these objects can tell. Over the past year, graduate students had the opportunity to consider the relationship between photography and entrepreneurship based on collections at Winterthur and the Delaware Historical Society. The exhibition objects and complementary oral histories presented here invite you to ponder the ways photography allowed men, women, and children to represent and celebrate their businesses. 

The exhibition content was created by graduate students at Winterthur and the University of Delaware as part of the Historic Interiors, Oral History, and Exhibitions and Interpretation classes. We acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to the exhibition:

Exhibitions Class: Vivien Barnett, Carolanne Deal, Rebecca Olsen

Historic Interiors Class: Ryan Bachman, Kate Budzyn, Nora Carleson, Laura Earls, Mary Fesak, Katie Fitzgerald, Carrie Greif, Elizabeth Humphrey, Harriette Lane, Bethany McGlyn, Matthew Monk, Alexandra Rosenberg

Oral History Class: Thomas A. Guiler (professor), Erin Anderson, Eliza West, Nora Carleson, Kristen Semento

Ryan Berley

Annabelle Camp

Debbie Hess Norris 

Stephanie M. Lampkin

Forbes and Sara Maner 

Cynthia Oates

Jennifer Potts

Leigh Reifenberg

Greg and Alice Sandborn

Angela Winand 

Delaware Historical Society

The Redding House Foundation, Inc. Board

Franklin Fountain 

Winterthur Staff